San Diego CIPP Sewer Pipe Replacement

Easy Flow has been providing CIPP trenchless sewer relining and we always focus on customer satisfaction. Sewer problems are never fun to deal with. Invariably it seems that lines have to be dug out which is both costly and can cause unsightly damage to your landscape. To avoid the mess and stress of conventional sewer fixes, our San Diego CIPP sewer repair experts offer a less invasive, cost effective fix with a CIPP liner.

What is a CIPP Trenchless Relining?

CIPP stands for “cured in-place pipe”. A CIPP liner is a flexible tube made from polyester fabric and resin. The liner is inserted into your damaged pipe and expanded so that it adheres to the pipe wall. Several methods are used to cure the liner in place including hot water, UV light and steam. The end result forms a tight-fitting, jointless replacement pipe that is corrosion-resistant and seals leaks and other damage without digging up your pipes.

Is CIPP Relining right for you?

If you like to save money, time and the environment, a CIPP liner is the perfect repair for you. A San Diego CIPP sewer replacement is cost effective because it eliminates the need to dig up the sewer line and replace it with traditional materials. Instead, a San Diego CIPP pipe replacement refurbishes your existing pipes. Our no-dig process saves time as well. Expect your San Diego CIPP sewer repair to be installed and cure in about 1 to 2 days depending on the size and scope of the project.

We are San Diego CIPP Trenchless Relining Experts

A San Diego CIPP sewer replacement is an ecologically friendly option, too. Tearing out and discarding old pipes wastes materials that can be rehabilitated. San Diego CIPP pipe replacement takes a greener approach by reusing existing piping and installing a high quality product that will last for years. There is no leftover waste to be landfilled. And because our CIPP liners have a lifespan of 50 years with no costly maintenance, a San Diego CIPP sewer replacement provides exceptional value for your dollar. You may never have to repair your sewer line again.