San Diego Hydro-Excavating

When it comes to San Diego hydro-excavating, it’s best to educate yourself on the ins and outs of hydro-excavating contractors and the work they do. Traditional excavating work is a slow and tedious process that can involve damaging pipes, explosions, and a high rate of bodily injury when practiced by traditional excavation companies.

Hydro-Excavating Contractors Serving San Diego County

Hydro-excavating in San Diego is the implementation of state-of-the-art hydro-excavating equipment that saves time, money, and lives over traditional excavation contractors. When Hydro-excavating in San Diego one can expect to see pressurized water being used to break up and remove the soil and rocks from the excavation site and the material being vacuumed up into a tank or reservoir. Generally, hydro-excavating contractors can trace their roots back to the Canadian oil and gas industry, which pioneered the technology used by present day San Diego hydro-excavating companies.

Hydro-Excavating in San Diego, CA

These early hydro-excavating pioneers found that only by using pressurized and heated water could they excavate year around. By the time the 1960’s had arrived, hydro-excavating contractors had begun using converted sewer cleaners and vacuum trucks to excavate their job sites. The first true hydro-excavating equipment was built in 1969 and was called the ExcaVactor, yet the industry was not yet mature and it found little demand. By 2000, the hydro-excavating had grown widely and since then many new and highly technologically advanced pieces of equipment have come to market, bringing the development of the industry out of the dark ages and into wide acceptance not just in the Canadian oil and gas industry, but into the United States as well. If you are planning to do any hydro-excavating in San Diego please rest assured that you will be implementing the most effective, safest, and smartest excavation solution available to you in this country and the world at the time of this writing. Call now for hydro-excavating in San Diego.