What is Leak Detection?

SMOKE TESTING is used when the source of the leak is concealed or cannot be located by any electronic means. There is no limit to the possibilities of smoke testing. If you can fill it with smoke, you can test it. It can show you not only where water and gases exit a system, but also where unwanted inflow of rainwater enters a line, creating an extra burden on the system. Smoke testing and San Diego drain rooter shows you what a video inspection camera cannot see, can pinpoint what a locator cannot pinpoint and introduces your sense of smell into the testing process. In a majority of cases it is not necessary for the building drain to require a cap at this stage. This is a time saving advantage over water testing. A second advantage is that smoke testing does not require any plumbing work. Smoke testing also allows you to test the total system under normal usage conditions, so you get the most accurate results. All traps installed are left in place so their water seal can be tested as well.